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Catalog Case Study

Ciclismo Classico


A World Class Travel Experience

Previous catalogs for Ciclismo Classico were heavy with content and felt too busy. For the new brochure, Ciclismo wanted to rely more on large beautiful photos and bright colors. We had just completed a website redesign for them, and the main call-to-action was to direct the reader to the website to book a trip.

Ciclismo Classico Discovery Phase Image


  • Big Colorful Imagery
  • Immersive Experience
  • Drive Traffic to the New Website
  • Better Content Organization



Ciclismo's customers are passionate for cycling, food, and travel. This catalog should serve as a conversation piece for new and returning customers. The client kept saying, "Food, smiles, culture, and art."


The  Mediterranean region featured in the catalog is vibrant, colorful, and full of energy. We wanted to excite the reader with every turn of the page, drawing them to the unique experiences each tour offers.


These trips sell themselves. With the expansive imagery and select content we wanted to drive the reader to the website so they can see what makes these trips magical, request an itinerary, and book a trip.


Tasteful Presentation

Through controlled use of Mediterranean colors, we brought earthy tones, cool hues, and warmth to individual spreads.  We kept the fonts readable and contemporary for the body text, but used a whimsical script for the headers. Photography is a key component to both the catalog and the website.  We selected a range of photos that highlighted the food, culture, landscape, and happiness that can be expected in each tour.

Specifications & Requirements

  • Large Photos
  • Colorful Fonts and Images
  • Co-Branded with New Website
  • Readable Text, Clean Organization
  • Brochure Cover Design for Ciclismo Classico
  • Brochure Spread Design for Ciclismo Classico
  • Brochure Spread Design for Ciclismo Classico
  • Brochure Spread Design for Ciclismo Classico
  • Brochure Spread Design for Ciclismo Classico


It's all in the details

Metropolis communicated with the print vendor and the Client to help coordinate the proofs, printing, and mailing services. Every image and detail was scrutinized and edited to perfection. We analyzed and corrected colors to translate to print, and included branded mail bind-in cards for special promotions as the final touch!


  • Custom Icons
  • Photo Editing
  • Template Approach
  • Print Production
Custom Icon Design for Ciclismo Classico Catalog

Custom Icons

We created a custom badge to represent the '25 Years in Business' milestone. This was featured on the cover and the mailing cards, as well as the website.

Photo Editing for Ciclismo Classico Catalog

Photo Editing

Provided with plenty of photography, we selected the best resolution and color corrected nearly every image to ensure quality and consistency.

Brochure Design Template for Ciclismo Classico Catalog

Template Approach

Each branding page and chapter had to be designed for the prescribed copy provided, allowing for clean, readable content.

Print Production for Ciclismo Classico Catalog

Print Production

Metropolis coordinated with the printer to ensure a smooth process once it left our studio. Ciclismo printed and mailed 25,000 brochures.



  • A beautiful, vibrant brochure
  • Trips are well-organized
  • Customers love it

"The 2014 Catalog was one of the best brochures made for Ciclismo Classico.

It has a clean design and is easy to read. We had a great working relationship with Metropolis Creative.  They were always open to the opinions of the client and the management of the project was collaborative and diplomatic. The staff is skilled and talented and always willing to think outside the box to problem solve and achieve the best results. We were very happy to work with Metropolis Creative!" — Lauren Hefferon, CEO, Ciclismo Classico