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IMS Marketing Conference

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Move At The Speed Of Culture

Last week we attended the Inbound Marketing Summit conference in Boston! The sessions mostly focused on how businesses engage and interact directly with their customers, building an unthreatening and personable relationship via social media. Succeed in this, and it will be to the benefit of both company and customer. A company needs to be where its customers a… read more

Jeff Cutler Be Open to New Relationships

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Be Open to New Relationships

Lots of people in the web industry can recall an instance where they’ve been at a conference or tradeshow and had an interaction that didn’t pay benefits. The scenario is like this... The business person strides up to a table, perhaps hoping to grab a free tape measure, flashlight or squeeze toy. In some situations, the goal of flicking a business card int… read more

Times Square New York Put Your Best Face and Service Forward Everywhere

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Put your best face – and service – forward…EVERYWHERE

A contractor I talked to the other day said something interesting. Not that contractors can’t be interesting or even have revelations, but the topic we were discussing was online marketing. And his point was that even in a business where word-of-mouth marketing used to be the standard, the first ‘touch’ for his company is now the Internet. Think abou… read more

Startup Mentoring

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Why I Mentor Startups

I would define graphic design as visual communications. It's the art of communicating a message or idea in an easy-to-understand and attractive manner. I used to really enjoy both designing the visual and learning the technical side of graphic and website design. As Metropolis grew, I had to let go of that side and focus on larger picture things like business … read more

Marketing Your Business Clearly

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Ask and Ye Shall Receive – Marketing Your Business Clearly

We’ve all run into the sales person who takes forever to get to the point. They’re either unsure that their product or service has value to us or are unclear on how to close a sale. But the funny part of this circumstance is that closing the sale is sometimes as easy as asking for a check or a ‘yes’. Bearing that in mind, marketing your business and it… read more