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Inbound14 and FutureM Marketing Conference

Branding Marketing

Inspired to Act

I was really looking forward to attending the FutureM / Inbound Marketing Summit last week - not really knowing what I was going to get out of it. I go to conferences to meet and re-meet people and to learn new ideas, but most of all, it's a chance to recharge. Sometimes we need that external force to make us look at things with a different lens. On Thursday m… read more

Brand Messaging


Drive Sales with Three Messaging Methods

Common sense dictates that we know how to interact with our clients, partners and staff. Without clear communication, any effort to complete a task is destined to fail. Never is that more important when you’re building a business, sharing your brand mission and messaging and reaching out to buyers. While your visual image is important - mostly because people… read more

Amazing Website Design

Design Marketing

What Makes a Website Design Amazing?

A lot of people don't actually know the difference between a poor website design, an average website design, and an amazing website design (besides the price.) At a minimum, a good website design should: • Set the right brand tone immediately • Funnel users to the content they want or need the most • Look attractive to your target audience • Have the… read more

IMS Marketing Conference

Blog Business Digital Trends Marketing Social Media

Move At The Speed Of Culture

Last week we attended the Inbound Marketing Summit conference in Boston! The sessions mostly focused on how businesses engage and interact directly with their customers, building an unthreatening and personable relationship via social media. Succeed in this, and it will be to the benefit of both company and customer. A company needs to be where its customers a… read more

Times Square New York Put Your Best Face and Service Forward Everywhere

Blog Business Marketing

Put your best face – and service – forward…EVERYWHERE

A contractor I talked to the other day said something interesting. Not that contractors can’t be interesting or even have revelations, but the topic we were discussing was online marketing. And his point was that even in a business where word-of-mouth marketing used to be the standard, the first ‘touch’ for his company is now the Internet. Think abou… read more