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A brief presentation on website design, branding, and SEO.

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Is Your Website Up to Speed?

I recently spoke at the Harvard Club about how to improve your website. It was part of Welsh Consulting's business seminar series. We covered Branding & Messaging, Site Architecture, Website Design and Development, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Integration, and ended with recommendations on how to work with a website designer or an agency. You c… read more

Content Not SEO  Is Power For Marketing Your Business

Search Marketing and Optimization

Be Found: Why Content—and not SEO—is Power When Marketing Your Business

Search engine optimization—or SEO—is the magic sauce to being found on the great plain that is the Internet. Or is it? Some folks contend that all we know so far about search terms, search marketing and SEO is pushed upon us by "SEO dorks" and marketing people. Even Jason Falls says, "Targeting a primary keyword is a smart way to rank well quickly." And… read more


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5 Website Design tips for Nonprofits

Many nonprofits suffer from low budgets. But there are many things you can do incrementally to quickly improve your website's effectiveness. Make the site User-Friendly Just as with any site, nonprofits should follow the basic guidelines for web design. Ease of access and navigation are as important as visual aesthetics. It is also important to make the site medi… read more


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Simple SEO

Looking to improve your search engine rankings? Watch this brief video to learn a few quick tips from Metropolis. … read more


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Microsoft — You’ve Got My Attention

I was duly impressed this evening. Brett Brewer, the GM of Microsoft Live Labs put on a kick-ass demonstration of Microsoft's latest web browsing technologies. The event was hosted by MITX, and was held at Fidelity's Center for Applied Technology (who knew Fidelity even had a center for applied technology?) It was a beautiful venue with environmentally-friendly d… read more