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A brief presentation on website design, branding, and SEO.

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Is Your Website Up to Speed?

I recently spoke at the Harvard Club about how to improve your website. It was part of Welsh Consulting's business seminar series. We covered Branding & Messaging, Site Architecture, Website Design and Development, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Integration, and ended with recommendations on how to work with a website designer or an agency. You c… read more

IMS Marketing Conference

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Move At The Speed Of Culture

Last week we attended the Inbound Marketing Summit conference in Boston! The sessions mostly focused on how businesses engage and interact directly with their customers, building an unthreatening and personable relationship via social media. Succeed in this, and it will be to the benefit of both company and customer. A company needs to be where its customers a… read more

The Art of Listening. How Social Tools Expose Bad Communicators

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The Art of Listening. How Social Tools Expose Bad Communicators.

Let's begin with irony today. On Facebook, the question was raised whether social media tools had helped us be better communicators. Has the proliferation of Twitter, FB, LinkedIn and other tools given the lowest common denominator the very real power to reach clients, prospects and even the general public? The very question was cause for a primal scream. "… read more


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Social Media: Competition On and Off the Field

In a day and age when just about anything and everything regarding our favorite celebrities and professional athletes is accessible with a click of the mouse, it's no wonder Twitter is at the center of all the buzz. The easy to use microblogging site has seen a huge increase in "verified" professional athlete accounts in the past year. The site Tweeting-Athletes.… read more


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Cause Marketing — Inspired To Do More

This morning a few of us from Metropolis attended the 21st Social Media Breakfast in Watertown. The theme of the breakfast was Social Media for Social Change with a concentration on mobility. Scott Henderson of causeshift, Laura Fitton of, Joe Waters from Boston Medical Center and Steve Krom of AT&T all spoke on how easy it can be to get involved wit… read more