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Artists Are Awesome

After seeing the Inktober sketches some of my friends are doing, I thought I’d highlight a few awesome artists I’ve known over the years.

Jake RainisJake Rainis — Jake worked at Metropolis for three years. Not only is he a talented graphic designer, he’s an amazing website developer as well. His artistic ability goes well beyond his amazing self-taught calligraphic skills. He is also a musician who composes and performs his own style of hip-hop music. He has released multiple songs and albums. He even created a special song for Metropolis:


Julia Lynn PowellJulia Lynn Powell — I met Julia back in the late 80’s where we attended Rochester Institute of Technology together. We lost touch after school because Facebook hadn’t been invented yet, but were reunited at Illuxcon, a fantasy illustration show a few years ago where she was exhibiting her work! She has an incredible ability to capture the most outrageous expressions on people, and is available for commissions.
Laurel Aylesworth — Laurel worked at Metropolis for five years back when we had just opened our doors. In addition to being a talented graphic designer and website developer, she has developed an amazing talent for children’s book illustration. She works digitally, but still brainstorms ideas with pencil and paper, just as she learned to do at Metropolis.
Emily ShirleyEmily Shirley — Emily worked at Metropolis for five years as well. She expresses herself with different mediums including glitter, acrylic, and photography. She is also a hugely talented musician who performs around Austin, TX, and has released multiple songs and albums. Take a listen here.
Mark TourtellottMark Tourtellott — Mark’s artistic skills knows no bounds. He’s as comfortable with a paintbrush as he is with a charcoal pencil, and somehow makes it all look easy. He captures the fantastic with his unique stye. He is also a talented photographer and designer.
Coelynn McIninchCoelynn McIninch — Coe creates art for art’s sake. She loves mixing mediums and has no fear of experimentation. Her mediums range from digital to found objects to paint, and sometimes melted crayon. Coe also has a successful photography business.
Leave a link to your art or illustration website in the comments below. I’d love to see what others are doing!

About the Author: Michael Flint

AvatarMichael founded Metropolis Creative in 1999. He is currently an instructor at Northeastern University and has also taught at Bentley College. Speaking engagements include The Boston Chamber of Commerce, the Mass Health Data Consortium, and The Enterprise Center. Michael holds a BFA in Graphic Design from Rochester Institute of Technology and has won numerous design awards. Michael actively supports the entrepreneurial and startup community by participating as a mentor with MITX-Up and is e member of OpenHub. He also runs the annual Extreme Website Makeover event which supports local startups and non-profit organizations. When not at work, Michael enjoys painting, brewing beer, and playing hockey.

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