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What you need to know about WordPress 5 Gutenberg

What you need to know about WordPress 5

WordPress recently released a major update in the form of version 5.0. Most WordPress core updates have little to no noticeable effect on how you interact with you website. This release is different. WordPress 5 introduces a new way of adding and editing content with the ‘Gutenberg’ editor. Instead of pages and posts being built with a single content editor and a bunch of added custom fields specific to each template, … read more


What is a wireframe?

Wireframes are the simple layouts we make just after determining the sitemap, but prior to creating the full color web page designs. They're kind of like a sketch, but with more thought and purpose put into them. Here's how they fit into our website design process. Inventory and Hierarchy The wireframe serves two purposes. 1) It is a visual inventory of what belongs on that page. 2) It allows you to arrange the content i… read more


Create a Custom Pumpkin Carving Template

Searching for pumpkin carving templates online will yield great results. But you can create a template from any photo you want. It works best starting with a high-contrast photo. See the steps below! Step 1: Find a photo and bring it into Photoshop. I added a little space on top to add the top of her head later. Step 2: Boost the contrast by adjusting the levels. Notice how close the triangles are in the middle of the … read more


Artists Are Awesome

After seeing the Inktober sketches some of my friends are doing, I thought I'd highlight a few awesome artists I've known over the years. Jake Rainis — Jake worked at Metropolis for three years. Not only is he a talented graphic designer, he's an amazing website developer as well. His artistic ability goes well beyond his amazing self-taught calligraphic skills. He is also a musician who composes and performs his own st… read more

SnapSuites Customer Spotlight

Client Spotlight: SnapSuites

Roxana Chiu, Co-Founder of SnapSuites We recently sat down with Roxana Chiu, co-founder of SnapSuites to discuss the whys and hows of launching a new business. Not surprisingly, we share the same core values. How would you design the perfect office space? Roxana and Bettina have the answer! They are the co-founders of SnapSuites — a membership-based office center located on Boylston Street in Boston's Back Bay. They o… read more