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Web Site and Rebranding Case Study

Tweed Barbers


What makes this barber shop special?

Tweed Barbers had just separated from a franchise and needed to create a whole new brand. Starting with the name, Tweed exudes uncompromising quality. Metropolis was asked to design and create as many facets of their new brand as quickly as possible.

Tweed Barbers Discovery Phase Image


  • Highest quality barber shop
  • All new photography was required
  • New interior and exterior signage
  • Stationery design
  • Website must be content-managed



Everything a customer experiences, from the moment they make an appointment to when the step out of the shop has to include the highest level of customer service and quality.


All new photography was required to show the new look of the barber shop. Employees were going to be featured on the website and therefore needed to be shot as well. Stock photos won't work here.

Signage and Stationery

Interior and exterior signage needed to be designed using the new logo. Stationery and business cards had to be designed and printed too.


Fine grooming (and web design) is timeless

Our whole team "clicked" with Peter, the owner. He's a genuinely nice guy with one simple need - make Tweed Barbers look amazing. Metropolis was given a lot of creative freedom on the website design and we ran with it.

Specifications & Requirements

  • Brand enhancement
  • Custom photography
  • Use real photos whenever possible
  • Set up templates to help with brand consistency
  • Tweed Barbers Home Page Website Design
  • Tweed Barbers Website Design
  • Tweed Barbers Signage Custom Design Branding
  • Tweed Barbers Rebranding Business Card Design
  • Tweed Barbers Store Front Custom Photography


It's all in the details.

When the site framework is all set up properly from the start, we can enjoy adding in the little details later that help make a website design really stand out.


  • Stylin' with CSS
  • Custom Photography
  • Custom Google Map
  • E-commerce Store
CSS /  HTML5 / Wordpress

Stylin' with CSS

Things like soft shadows, animated color fades on hovers, and rounded edges on web objects can really make subtle improvements to usability and overall visual appeal. Built on the WordPress CMS, all can be modified.

Custom photography in this website design

Custom Photography

Typography & Photography play a key role in defining the look of a website, and developing it's brand. Our in-house creative team was responsible for all imagery and graphics.

Google map customization

Custom Google Map

Google offers the ability to customize an embedded map's colors and "pin arrow". A simplified color scheme gives the website a cleaner look and allows the designer to place color in the more important areas of the site.

E-commerce website design

E-commerce Store

Tweed's e-commerce needs were modest. We customized a simple shopping cart with co-branded colors and buttons. Users can easily purchase gift cards for Tweed's various services.


CommArts Web Design

CommArts Web Design

Communication Arts is one of the industry’s most respected publications for graphic designers, art directors, interactive designers, and every kind of designer involved in visual communication. Communication Arts showcases the most innovative designs in advertising, illustration, photography, interactive media and typography.

Awwwards Honorable Mention

Awwwards Honorable Mention

Awwwards is one of the design industry’s most prestigious collections of award-winning website designs in the world. Our fully responsive (mobile optimized) site will continue to be displayed as an example of outstanding website design on their site. Additionally, you can find Tweed’s new website design showcased on CSS Mania and Mobile Awesomeness.

GDUSA Web Award

GDUSA Web Award

For five decades, Graphic Design USA has sponsored national design competitions that spotlight areas of excellence and opportunity for creative professionals. The American Web Design Awards is a celebration of the power of well-designed websites and online communications to attract audiences, disseminate ideas and information, generate responses, and promote products, services, and ideas.


  • Awwwards 2013
  • The Davey Awards
  • Communication Arts

“ I couldn’t have asked for a better experience working with Mike and his team at Metropolis Creative.

You can achieve powerful results when you find a firm that combines good listening, intuition and technical horsepower. Early collaboration between the team and me helped us build a shared vision and look for the brand. Once we had established that foundation of trust and understanding, Metropolis delivered impactful output that required very few edits. I had the sense they “felt” the brand the same way I did. The results speak for themselves.” - Peter Soloman, Owner, Tweed Barbers