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Artists Are Awesome

After seeing the Inktober sketches some of my friends are doing, I thought I'd highlight a few awesome artists I've known over the years. Jake Rainis — Jake worked at Metropolis for three years. Not only is he a talented graphic designer, he's an amazing website developer as well. His artistic ability goes well beyond his amazing self-taught calligraphic s… read more

Startup Mentoring

Business Entrepreneurship Innovation Marketing

Why I Mentor Startups

I would define graphic design as visual communications. It's the art of communicating a message or idea in an easy-to-understand and attractive manner. I used to really enjoy both designing the visual and learning the technical side of graphic and website design. As Metropolis grew, I had to let go of that side and focus on larger picture things like business … read more


Design Innovation

Of Mice and Supermen – New York Comicon

There's nothing like a convention center full of creative people to get your creative juices flowing. This year's sold out New York Comicon filled almost the entire Javits Convention Center. I couldn't believe the number of booths, people, and costumes that were there. One of my favorite booth designs was Pigfish. They made their own resin-cast pigfishes for sale… read more


Branding Innovation

Dodge Challenges Design

I haven't been this excited about a car's design since the introduction of the 2000 Nissan Xterra, in yellow. I don't know why the Nissan struck me. Perhaps that it looked different from the other SUVs at the time. Or maybe it was the bold, sporty yellow and black. Since then, most new cars just looked "nice" to me, until the 2010 Dodge Challenger came out. Admit… read more


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Microsoft — You’ve Got My Attention

I was duly impressed this evening. Brett Brewer, the GM of Microsoft Live Labs put on a kick-ass demonstration of Microsoft's latest web browsing technologies. The event was hosted by MITX, and was held at Fidelity's Center for Applied Technology (who knew Fidelity even had a center for applied technology?) It was a beautiful venue with environmentally-friendly d… read more