Tocci Functionality Effects

Project Management Document

Project Tile Hovers

Hovering a project tile will cause the tile to shrink slightly, while the user’s cursor becomes the enhanced “+” graphic. Hovering outside of the project tile will revert back to the default state.

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Image Reveal/Easing

Image crops will ease upwards revealing portions of the image not initially visible. Connecting image text will fade in (top > down) and be fastened to the side of the image.

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Background Color Transition

The background color will change based on a specific trigger point during the user’s scroll. Scrolling up will reverse the transition.

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Forced Horizontal Scrolling

As the user gets to a certain trigger point, the content will horizontally scroll and continue scrolling downwards at the end.

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Carousel Arrow Cursor

The user’s cursor will either be a left or right arrow depending on which half of the screen they’re on. Clicking once will trigger the content to slide, or they can click + drag manually.

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Image Cursor on Hover

The user’s cursor will display an image when hovering within a specific focus/threshold area. For the case of the “Careers” page, the threshold would be the individual row heights.

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