I’ve been to the “new” Boston Convention Center before, but it still impresses me. The front is so interesting and engaging – it just feels like you’re going to something important when you see the building. And the sheer size of it is unbelievable. It just makes the old Bay Side Expo Center irrelevant. (Side note – you can park in the back for less money and a shuttle bus drops you off right in front!)

The AIA Boston show is a great example of what you can do with an exhibit booth. Aside from all the cool products and technologies there, this crowd really had nicely designed marketing materials, booths, and booth graphics. But I guess you have to when you’re speaking to architects.

An affordable display option that I’m a big fan of is the retractible display panel. It rolls up into a convenient carry-on size (for air travel), but rolls out and hooks on a retractable pole. We’ve designed a few of these for our clients.

I saw another panel at the show that was a motorized loop. Although the vendor who used this had way too much info on it, it could be done really nicely with minimal content, but clever graphics. Maybe make the images blend into each other as the banner moves.

You can see some of the trade show graphics we’ve designed for our clients here!