Logo design process in our Boston design studio
Logo Design

Think of your logo as the greeter at the door — you don’t want just any greeter.

Your logo needs to represent who you are. We consider factors such as where the logo will be used, what it needs to say about your company, and special color considerations. This all comes out of a collaborative discovery process where we discuss your brand, your audiences, and what differentiates you from your competitors. The final logo should work well across print and web, in various sizes.

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Complete Visual Identity Systems

Building A Larger Brand Identity System

We’ll help you define a color palette of primary and secondary brand colors that all work together, and select fonts that are fresh and complement each other. We also define a visual style for your icons, illustrations, and even photography that can be reproduced across all of your marketing collateral.

Looking professional isn’t enough.
You need to stand out.

Life Sciences logo for Cytonome
Sports Team logo for Newton Girls Softball
Life Sciences logo for Pendar Technologies
Real Estate logo for Eagle's Nest Tree House Resort
Technology logo for Cadenza Innovation

Working with Metropolis.

Visual identity needs come in all forms. You might just need a better pitch deck, or you may be ready for a full brand overhaul. We understand how challenging change can be, and have helped clients transition their brands in both small and large ways.

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