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Redefining Construction Management.


Tocci has built hundreds of buildings over the past fifty years. Some of the goals for their new website were to highlight their commitment to sustainability, giving back, wellness, and diversity. While many sites are very sales-focused, they wanted to tell their story in a rich and interactive way. The large images of their work show the quality of the spaces they create and the results of following their high-performance construction process.

Smooth Scrolling

We added parallax image scrolling combined with fading elements to create a smooth and elegant experience for users. Increased margins between sections manage the tempo of the story from segment to segment.

Dynamic Filtering

Metropolis built a robust project filtering tool that allows users to select multiple categories of interest to narrow their search by project type, market, and service. Projects can easily be added to this system with category checkboxes in the back-end.


Dynamic Project Content

We designed robust project pages that can dynamically pull related content. During the planning stage, we decided it would work best to have the projects and post types share the same categories so they could be seamlessly integrated across the site.

Every website design starts with a set of wireframes to help us better understand what content is needed on each page. A good page design should tell a story in the right order. Size and position help set the hierarchy of how the content will be consumed. The bulk of the site’s design happens in these blueprints before we move on to the color design mockups.

Home Wireframe

Service Wireframe

About Wireframe

The Results

The new Tocci website offers an experience tailored to the brand’s values and rich history and allows them to showcase their expansive collection of construction projects. The responsive website design provides a fluid page layout system that looks and works great on any device. The content-managed system makes it easy for the client to maintain the site themselves.


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