We’ve all run into the sales person who takes forever to get to the point. They’re either unsure that their product or service has value to us or are unclear on how to close a sale. But the funny part of this circumstance is that closing the sale is sometimes as easy as asking for a check or a ‘yes’.

Bearing that in mind, marketing your business and its services comes down to being clear in your company’s goals, its communication and methods. If you want to deliver a memorable, valuable and clear message to potential clients and partners, just do it.

While that might seem like a simplified command, it works. Let’s look at three ways in which you can improve your business marketing message and ultimately close more deals – or at least improve your organization’s ability to close more deals.

1. Know what your company offers and why people want it

Seriously. This is one of the biggest stumbling blocks companies face when trying to market their product or service. If you can’t clearly share what you offer and why it’s great, you’re not being an effective marketer. Take the time to look at your company from the outside. Try to determine the way in which satisfied customers describe your product. Then use that language to sell your company. It works.

2. Cultivate a mindset of excellence

If you don’t believe you’re the best organization for a job, project, assignment or partnership, it shows. Start to take your company as seriously as you can. And focus on presenting it as the best in the business. It helps if you ARE the best in your channel or category. But you can still have confidence in how well you serve your customers and how well your products meet their needs. Soon, this mindset will pervade the organization and you’ll find that you’re landing more gigs and your clients are singing your praises. And satisfied customers beget more satisfied customers. Be great — and believe your company is great.

3. Ask for the sale

This article opened with the premise that too few people ever close a deal correctly. If you don’t ask for the sale, you are missing an opportunity to build your business. Be straightforward, respect your potential client’s time and go right for the jugular. Ask your contact what you can do to make them do business with you now and in the future. Then move toward that goal. When you ask for someone’s business, you find out right away how serious they are about spending money on your services. You also are able to be more efficient in marketing yourself as you’ll be spending less time casually chatting with prospects and more time signing contracts and closing deals. It’s great to network and meet new people on behalf of your organization. But make sure if you’ve got your marketing and sales hat on, that you’re there with a purpose. Close the deal first, then enjoy the relationship.

We’d love to hear the techniques you use to regularly market your business better. Share in the comments. Thanks!