Ugandan Orphans thank the Metropolis Creative Team

Ugandan Orphans thank the Metropolis Creative Team
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Bambi Uganda Orphans
is a non-profit organization responding to the challenges for the 2.3 million children orphaned as a result of the civil unrest and the AIDs epidemic.

Recently, Metropolis Creative created a website for Bambi Uganda Orphans, utilizing a content management system that allows the charity to accept donations easily and spread the word for the important cause. The website has a clearly defined donation area that is directly integrated with an e-commerce system. It also outlines the mission of the charity and the various programs developed to carry out this mission. The use of compelling images and stories of the children’s lives and conditions only further reveal the urgent and important work that is being done through the charity and the unbelievable struggles that the children are forced to overcome. Facebook and other social media integration will assist in spreading the word of the cause as well. The site will be used to help the charity improve the lives of Uganda’s orphans, their guardians and the larger community.

Bambi Uganda Orphans’ mission is to provide financial, technical and educational assistance to community based organizations as well as directly manage programs that improve the lives of the children.