Boston Region Entrepreneurship Week (BREW) celebrates entrepreneurs and all things related to conceiving, launching, and building new enterprises in and around Boston. Founded by Joe Caruso, BREW consists of a week long series of events, hosted by the community that provides resources and infrastructure to entrepreneurs. BREW week will take place this year from October 13-21 in Boston.

Metropolis designed a logo that would showcase Boston and the bright entrepreneurs that exist in the city. The sun/lightbulb in the logo represents the shining entrepreneurial spirit and the spark of new ideas. The casual style of the font and linework reach out to more than just the typical high-tech entrepreneurs found in this region.

“The team from Metropolis was among the first to step up and ask ‘how can we help’. That attitude is a great example of our region’s entrepreneurial spirit,” said Joe Caruso. “They took our vision for Boston Region Entrepreneurship Week and turned it into an eye-catching graphic we’re proud to have as our logo.”

In addition to the logo, Metropolis created a set of online badges for Boston entrepreneurs to use on their blogs and emails to help spread the word.