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Branding Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack Skellington Needed a Lesson on Branding

The reason why it was such a Nightmare Before Christmas is simple — Jack didn’t start with a brand discovery. He thought he had a great idea and barreled forward with it. And we all know how that turned out.

Analyze your audience — Don’t give a shrunken head for Christmas

Clearly, if he had done a little research, he would have known that (most) kids don’t want shrunken heads and severed limbs for Christmas.


Study the competition

While Jack DID check out the competition in Christmasland, he just didn’t get it. He made all his decisions alone. Don’t be afraid to get other’s opinions. Be a good listener and try to look at things through another lens. It’s hard to grow if you rely only on your own perspective.


What does your audience NEED?

Don’t give them what you think they need, give them what THEY think they need. Spend the time to get into their minds and answer their desires and pain points.


Be memorable in a good way

Brand building is tough. It can take years to build a brand up, and one disastrous night can tear it all down. Knowing how delicate this is, you should plan your marketing carefully — each and every time. You can take risks, but have a backup plan in place.


About the Author: Michael Flint

AvatarMichael founded Metropolis Creative in 1999. He is currently an instructor at Northeastern University and has also taught at Bentley College. Speaking engagements include The Boston Chamber of Commerce, the Mass Health Data Consortium, and The Enterprise Center. Michael holds a BFA in Graphic Design from Rochester Institute of Technology and has won numerous design awards. Michael actively supports the entrepreneurial and startup community by participating as a mentor with MITX-Up and is e member of OpenHub. He also runs the annual Extreme Website Makeover event which supports local startups and non-profit organizations. When not at work, Michael enjoys painting, brewing beer, and playing hockey.

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