Car Talk Vehicle Donation Services needed a new brochure to spread the word to public radio stations about their vehicle donation program. Vehicle Donation to Any Charity, or V-DAC, collects the unwanted cars, resells or dismantles them, and gives the profit to the public radio station sponsoring the service. Donors get rid of their unwanted cars, support public radio, and get tax deductions all at one time.V-DAC Logo

The brochure features photos of real donors and their testimonials and outlines how the program works. It was given to public radio stations that would be interested in generating money for their stations by using a vehicle donation service. Public radio stations can get personally branded donation packages, TV and radio donation packages, and Car Talk branded donations services, which use Tom and Ray’s reputation to help draw in donors by working with Car Talk Vehicle Donation Services. They also offer customizable services that combine personal branding and Car Talk branding, depending on what would be best for the station.