This morning a few of us from Metropolis attended the 21st Social Media Breakfast in Watertown. The theme of the breakfast was Social Media for Social Change with a concentration on mobility. Scott Henderson of causeshift, Laura Fitton of, Joe Waters from Boston Medical Center and Steve Krom of AT&T all spoke on how easy it can be to get involved with social change through social media channels. Through the use of twitter and growing technologies such as micropayments, anyone can get involved to support nonprofits, charities and help in building communities to aid organizations and social movements.

I was especially inspired by Laura Fitton, who began a movement (@wellwishes) two years ago in conjunction with Charity Water. Her goal of raising $25,000 began with blog posts, tweets and video messages that, within only a few months, turned monumentally successful. We love what she has done with her work for Charity Water and recent work with her start up Laura’s comment “I do not have my act together, don’t let that stop you from changing the world”, really resonated with us.

Boston World Partnership Web DesignBoston World Partnership Web DesignMetropolis has been involved with non-profits such as Boston World Partnerships and their Global Tweet-up, helping to put Boston on the map in the world of social media; as well as supporting MITX in a variety of roles including designing their Facebook page and producing promotional videos. Recently, we have taken on the task of designing a website and marketing plan for a charity out of Uganda that specializes in helping orphans receive the medical attention, education, nutrition and capacity building skills that will create a complete and holistic approach to improving their lives immensely.

We are looking forward to applying this and other knowledge we learn from events such as the Social Media Breakfast to our 3rd annual website makeover next year. Stay tuned to see how you can become a part of it all.