Once of the lessons I harp on when advising clients is to know your audience. This is true when it comes to messaging, product development, offers and even geography. Right, geography.

What I mean by that is knowing where your clients are as well as who they are. You’d hardly open a slush hut in Siberia and would likely forgo the fur-coat kiosk in Miami. But aside from letting your product dictate where you sell it, the next step in marketing awareness is showing your product or service off where the ‘best’ audience can see it.

That’s why trade shows aren’t dead yet. Seriously. Years ago when folks discovered Websites, the trade show industry freaked out. They thought, “Now people can see as many products as they want from their office chair.”

That didn’t happen. People research items online, but there’s still huge value in holding a product and speaking with a human about a product’s capabilities. Which brings me to Boston…one of the best spots on the planet for entrepreneurs to showcase their wares. In fact, Boston’s a good place for any company to introduce new technologies, products and services. Here’s why…

Boston is a manageable city.
Boston has a knowledgeable population.
Boston is on the cutting edge of tech and social media.
Boston is connected to major media worldwide.
Boston has a large and diverse population.
Boston is college-central with more than two-dozen local universities.

Simply put, in Boston you have smart people, media connections, global exposure and social/technology chops. These factors make our fair city one of the most venture-capital-rich and tech-research-centric on the planet. And where the money goes, so too should go the entrepreneurs.

This column isn’t a pitch to get more entrepreneurs here – we’ve got plenty. It’s actually just a commentary on how Boston has created a perfect storm – and a perfect landscape – for anyone looking to share new ideas and create the next big thing.

Some folks argue that other cities (Austin, New York, San Fran) are more tech-savvy. I say there’s a real reason all the major airlines have rushed to make Boston one of their hubs. The money is coming here from those other places. And the brain power is already here.

So, if you’ve got an idea and want it to flourish, make sure Boston’s on your list of places to base your start-up. This is where your audience is – shouldn’t you be here to meet them?

What do you think of Boston as a tech-start-up hub?