During the holidays, we look to traditional literature to give us a sense of nostalgia. You know, the old TV movies, books by Shakespeare, and a whole host of other Christmas (and non-denominational) stories.

The interesting thing isn’t whipping up memories and making us feel connected to the season. It’s what we can learn from these pieces of content. Ultimately, the more you think about solving a problem or meeting a customer’s expectations, the better off you’ll be when it comes to establishing/fostering relationships and running a successful business.

While Charles Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol, he also wrote Great Expectations – and that’s today’s lesson. Have great expectations for your communications!

Think about content creation for a moment and the great expectations you can have when you understand your audience and customers. If you know your audience intimately, and can empathize with them, you will never be at a loss for effective messaging.

Further, when you can actually put yourself in the shoes of your readers, buyers, clients, colleagues and partners, you will ALWAYS be able to find messaging that resonates with them.

Try it. Think about the goals your audience has. Then write material, shoot video, share stories and images, that all help your audience achieve those goals.

It’s simple. But it’s work. You will need to concentrate, listen and then communicate clearly. In the end, you’ll not only meet the great expectations your various audiences have — you’ll also exceed your own goals for success.

Wishing you a happy and safe start to the holiday season. Be well and be GREAT!