After posting this comment on AMA Boston’s LinkedIn page, I thought I’d re-post it here.

I’m certainly no expert [with social media], but my perception of social media is changing perhaps quicker than the medium itself. Currently, I view it as a way to remove some walls and let my target audience see the real me. Although this adds value to current clients, I think prospective clients are probably visiting my site more. I assume there are other graphic design studios like ours who have good work on their portfolios. And a lot of prospective clients don’t even know what “good work” looks like. So if I can let them get to know me, and how I work on a more personal level, it might seem more genuine than a “services” or “how we work” page. So I use my blog to post interesting things that I do, while trying to tie it back to my work in some way. I do the same in my Flickr account. We’ll post awards and other announcements here too, but the point it not to make this an advertising channel, but an interesting one. I also spend time on LinkedIn and Plaxo to see what my colleagues are doing. I’ve re-connected with former clients and associates this way. You can really see who the potentially valuable connections are and how you may be able to work with them down the road. Social media seems to be the right way to build relationships – which is the best way to grow your business.