I’ve learned two very important wealth management lessons in my life; save and give.

One of my first jobs was working as a typesetter for a small but successful quick print shop in Boston. The owner got into the printing business after some research and a few “franchise” seminars. He read the investing “hot sheets”, followed the stock market, and really understood the investment world. His advice to me was ridiculously simple and obvious; if you’re in debt – no matter how much, it will grow with interest. But if you can save – no matter how much, it too will grow with interest.

Earlier this Fall, I blogged about my experience at the Babson Forum on Entrepreneurship. From a seemingly unlikely source, Florine Mark, President & CEO of the WW Group, Inc. (Weight Watchers), I was touched by her story of giving. Florine talked about living in poverty with her extended family in a small New York apartment. Yet every day the children were allowed (and encouraged) to save their pennies for charity – because even though they had very little, there were others with less than them.

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