Most start-up companies have an innovative approach to solving a specific problem. As the owner of a branding and marketing agency, that clicks with me. Every day, we strive to come up with innovative ways to solve marketing challenges.

I’ve attended many events at Babson College, and am drawn to the shear guts and brains that go into every new venture. Their Rocket Pitch event showcases around 120 new business ideas in about four hours. And the companies showcased at their Entrepreneurial Energy Expo (E3) position their value propositions the same way we try to position our clients’ products and services. Your message has to become so compelling that your target audience would be fools not to buy.

Bobbie Carlton’s Mass Innovation Nights celebrates innovative new companies every month and lets the community choose who they want to see before each event. My favorite innovator was a gentleman who was walking around with what looked like two giant french crullers. He had perfectly engineered a screw thread system maximize the surface area contact so well that with just a quarter turn, the connection was tight and complete.

Metropolis Creative celebrates innovative ideas with our annual Extreme Website Makeover. We took advantage of a beautiful early April day and spent some time outside with last year’s Extreme Website Makeover winner, Matt Pearlson from Made In the Commonwealth. Recently renamed as City Fuels, his company is determined to change the way we produce energy, starting with renewable jet fuel. Hear his story below.