-ping- New email. Should I read, delete, or file it?

In this email marketing article from Mediapost, an Epsilon research project found that “57% of consumers feel they have a more positive impression of companies when they receive email from them, and 50% said they’re more likely to buy products from companies who send them email, whether their purchases are online or at a place of business.” This shows that the right message targeted at the right viewer can be very effective, especially as part of a multi-channel marketing campaign.

1) Who are you selling to?
Define your audience, and narrow it down if you can. You can send different variations of the email if there are different target verticals. Obviously, the more targeted your message, the higher your success will be. What are their needs that your product or service addresses?

2) Briefly and basically define your product or service for that audience.

3) What differentiates you? Put your competitors around a table–what makes you different? Why choose you? Try to answer a problem or concern your target market has. For example, instead of saying “Our phone is small and lightweight”, you could say “Fits in your pocket–you won’t even know it’s there!”

4) What’s the offer? You may have the most amazing new thing in your industry. Your audience doesn’t care. Sweeten the deal with offers like a free consultation, or a percentage off the price of your product. I often get coupons from Staples. Even if I’m not going to use the coupon, I’ll send it to someone else. Whitepaper downloads or Webinars can be enticing offers too.

5) Call to action is everywhere. Offer it early, mid-way, and on the end of your email. Offer it as a big graphical button, and in the text. Use bright colors, arrows, “Click Here”, be totally obvious.

6) Craft the perfect subject line. This is the most important part of your email. If it doesn’t get opened, it doesn’t get seen. Make it catchy, but not Spammy. Why would YOU open an email?

7) Don’t forget the landing page. This is where you’ll send all those clicks. DO NOT send them to your home page. Landing pages should be similar in tone and offer to the email, but it will have a small form to capture your visitor’s information. You’ve almost got them now! The wording should be urgent. See my tips on landing page design here.

Given the fact that you have 3 or 4 seconds to grab your viewer’s interest, don’t skimp on the design. In addition to following the above guidelines, it should be interesting, exciting, and clean, and should direct the viewer to read the message in a specific order. A high-quality, professionally designed email will inspire trust much faster than words can, much like a professionally designed blog;)

Send me your e-blast and I’ll critique it for you!