We love technology and have gathered some timely and unusual facts about turkey.


The turkey in a duck in a chicken is the result of years of cross-breeding by some of the nation’s top biotechnologists. After a freak accident where the lab mice escaped into the breeding pen, the resulting turduckenmice have been relocated and are happily living out the rest of their lives on a remote island off Cape Cod.


We all know that turkeys come from eggs. But how do you grow a Tofurky? It turns out that if you plant a turkey in the ground, a Tofurky will sprout. Unfortunately, its not safe to cultivate free-range Tofurkys with natural predators like Tofoxes and Tofwolves roaming around. Tofurkys are best bred in captivity.


The drug in turkey that causes sleepiness is currently being combined with the millions of now warehoused Four Loko drinks. The company claims that if they can get the drinker to fall asleep before they finish an entire can of Four Loko, then the FDA might deem the beverage safe again.

Turkey Bacon

Because of the defamation of character lawsuit won by actual Bacon, Turkey Bacon was sentenced to being vegetarian.

Have any turkey technology facts? Share them with us. Happy Thanksgiving!