On Sci-Fi television, in real forensic crime laboratories, and in analytical laboratories around the world, the technique of Mass Spectrometry is the well-established gold standard for food safety testing, explosives and chemical threat forensics, biotechnology research, drugs-of-abuse testing and clinical diagnostics. This broad utility comes both from Mass Spec’s high selectivity (it is able to differentiate millions of different chemicals) and from its extreme sensitivity (it is able to measure quantities as low as 1 part in a billion or better). Unlike television, until now, complexity, large size, and high costs restricted these capabilities to highly skilled scientists in laboratory environments. Samples, if they could be collected and moved, had to be transported to the instruments. That’s all changing with 908 Devices’ new hand-held Mass Spectrometer


Metropolis was asked to create a website for 908 Devices to help explain and promote their technology and forthcoming products. The largest challenge here was that it is all still being developed – so we had no images to use, no photos to show, and no finished illustrations to work with.

908 Devices charged Metropolis with explaining their technology in as quick and easy a way as possible, that would generate interest and understanding from a variety of target audiences. We accomplished that through the use of some custom photography and a series of illustrations that show the technology and 908 Devices’ process.

Check out their new website design here.

About 908 Devices
908 Devices is bringing the powerful capabilities of Mass Spectrometry out of the confines of centralized laboratories. 908 Devices’ ultra-compact chemical tools platform will impact a range of industries including safety and security, food science, biotechnology and clinical diagnostics. Founded in 2012, by a proven team of industry and technology experts, 908 Devices is based in Boston’s Innovation District.