Metropolis just launched an e-commerce website built on the Shopify platform for Larkshead, a technical sportswear and apparel company that offers easily removable and interchangeable patches for every product. The website design and corresponding Shopify theme are fully custom — designed and built from the ground up.

Project highlights include a home page product animation with a carousel of add-on patches to help illustrate how they can be swapped out. Due to the nature of how this product collection works, we wanted to give customers an easy way to browse through the available patches while in the cart. We created dynamic up-sell areas in the cart and on other key points of the website.

The awesome apparel designers at McGarry & Sons managed the photo shoots and defined the initial brand identity. We worked closely with them to match our website design with the brand direction.

Larkshead is an apparel company that focuses on personal details. They believe that everyone has something special to say about themselves. What’s unique about their products is that you can customize them with patches as a subtle way to show what you care about — whether it’s a school logo, a graphic icon, or anything you can think of! Check out their new website design here!