The Enterprise Center is a Small Business Incubator on the North Shore. They have a 53,000sq. foot facility that can be used for small businesses or light manufacturing, and holds more than 100 workshops, events, and special programs for small to medium sized businesses. As a non-profit, their budget was very tight, yet they needed a ton of functionality and an easy-to use CMS.

Main goals for the website redesign:

1. Create a content-managed site that was robust and easy to use.
2. Get an attractive new design that represented a broader and more professional audience than just small businesses
3. Create a more usable site and offer better access to their many workshops, events, and programs
4. Attract sponsors and individuals to donate money

We started with a brand discovery meeting with the Enterprise Center’s key decision makers. After clarifying (for everyone) their target markets, goals, and messaging, we were able to reorganize the site’s architecture in a way that addressed their specific needs. For example, the client had initially wanted to create a “community area” on the site. We recommended that they integrate the communities their customers were already in rather than force them to register and participate in yet another community. Almost all content on the site allows for user comments and discussions in addition to social sharing buttons. Custom fields and templates use consistent colors and image sizes, and minimize formatting errors for the client. We even gave the client templated graphic files for their graphics and banners.

The site was built in the WordPress CMS. The overall look has lots of white space and is well-organized. The home page funnels users to where they want to go and a new look and color palette was created throughout the site. The home page highlights many of their offerings with a variety of navigational tools. Everything on the site is content-managed from the image headers on the pages to the content and call-to-actions on each slider element on the home page. Twitter and Facebook integration and commenting was enabled for most of the content on the site.

Check out their website redesign here.