The lifespan of a website depends on several factors. Technology is constantly improving, user interfaces go in and out of style, and your business changes. Here are three options to consider when evaluating your current website design.

Option 1: Just update the content

This is a great first-step approach to any website redesign. You can start with our website audit worksheet to identify areas that need improvement. Update your images or employees. Add a new blog or some news. Simple messaging tweaks and adjusting calls to action can help improve your conversions. Plus, there is always a lot more you can do to help with your SEO. As a bonus, all of these updates will transfer over to a new website when you are ready for a full redesign.

Option 2: Do a simple design refresh

Sometimes small areas of a site can be redesigned in a cost-effective way. We have simply redesigned the home page of a website for some clients, or focused on other single areas like the Contact page or a Resource Center. However, each of these changes will usually require re-coding of that area or page. Website code can become outdated rather quickly, so often times it doesn’t make much sense to reuse old code. Old code can be inefficient (slow), may not work well responsively, and could be prone to security holes. Plus, it’s always faster to start fresh anyway. Unless you just need to update small or isolated areas of your website, it usually makes sense to consider a whole site redesign.

Option 3: Tear it down and start over

This option can sound like a bigger job than you were hoping to take on, but in many cases, it really isn’t. Starting fresh allows you to define the most ideal website for your business, and then make decisions based on time and budget. As mentioned above, the process is typically smoother and faster when starting from scratch. Most of your content can be re-used, or even imported into the new site. We can also work with you to think about technologies that can automate some of your processes or improve conversions.

Download Worksheet

Download the Website Redesign Audit Worksheet here to help decide what your website needs!