Amstel Light kicked off their One Dam Good Bier campaign by taking adult consumers on tour to “Amstel’s Amsterdam” to experience a progressive twist on the art, nightlife, music and magic from the city in which it is brewed.

Each aspect of the campaign portrays the unhampered and cool culture of “Amstel’s Amsterdam,” including a redesigned and viewer engaging web site, off the hook new packaging, new outdoor and print ads and a
sweepstakes that gives adult consumers the opportunity to win a trip to Amsterdam.

“We witnessed an incredible reaction to the launch of One Dam Good Bier last year as consumers made the connection between Amstel Light and Amsterdam,” said Kheri Holland Tillman, vice president of marketing, Amstel Light. “The brand saw a dramatic shift in consumption as a result of One Dam Good Bier. Now, we’re taking the campaign to the next level by offering memorable experiences that speak to the diverse culture and fun of Amsterdam while reinforcing Amstel Light’s heritage and brewing tradition. Amstel’s Amsterdam is all about enjoying One Dam Good Bier and having One Dam Good Time.”

I had the pleasure of witnessing the power of this seamlessly on-target and very tight campaign first hand last week at a club in Boston. Amstel culled the strength of their entire campaign into one room. Even the band and DJ (Shiny Toy Guns and DJ Clinton Sparks) matched the campaign’s theme. Talk about having a consistent brand!

Kudos to Amstel for practicing what I preach everyday: Have a consistent brand – a theme, and use the theme in various modalities. In addition to a damn good party with a custom t-shirt, Amstel is applying their consistent campaign theme thusly:


This summer, Amstel Light is launching new bottle graphics and new packaging that embodies the brand’s roots and tradition by emphasizing that a “taste of Amsterdam is brewed in every bottle.” The package
creative features images of the Amstel River and canals running through the cobblestone streets of Amsterdam, as well as a synopsis of the beer’s connection to the city. The new packaging will be showcased on 6- and 12-packs. While the bottle shape and appearance remain the same, the design of the label now highlights the word “Amsterdam.”


Amstel Light’s Web site has been redesigned to give adult consumers a chance to actually step inside “Amstel’s Amsterdam.” By hopping on a virtual bike and riding through the streets of Amsterdam, site visitors will have the opportunity to explore Amstel Light’s take on the city’s unique traditions and culture. Users will enjoy their own progressive experiences as they interact with “Amstel’s Amsterdam” in unexpected ways, such as learning an authentic Dutch Roar (a traditional Dutch rallying cry), creating music by moving the mouse over a series of Amstel Light “bottles” and downloading their favorite Amsterdam-themed

Advertising Campaign

The Richards Group created the brand’s new print and outdoor advertising campaign by using powerful and emotional images of Amsterdam to illustrate the fun energy and spirit of Amstel Light’s connection to the city. The ads feature both the picturesque imagery and the festive atmosphere that have become synonymous with the city of Amsterdam, such as scenic views of the canals and groups of revelers enjoying the nightlife.

The Amstel campaign and my party night will serve as a great example for how to use a brand/message consistently. Please add your favorite example of a consistent brand message campaign (party or not).