NFL Breast Cancer Awareness Branding LogoThe NFL was tickled pink this weekend as they took the field. Pink hats, balls, gloves, cleats and even pink decaled fields are additions to the league this month as the NFL partners with the American Cancer Society for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The NFL’s Crucial Catch Campaign emphasizes the steps one can take to “catch” and prevent breast cancer, while making a nice play on words.

The color pink has become so tied to breast cancer awareness throughout the years. The pink ribbon, being the most recognizable symbol for the cause, has been added to the NFL’s logo for the month of October. Players, coaches, and equipment all highlighted in this bright pink color shows one of the most excellent examples of branding. The color pink, and a great color pink at that, carries the message of the cause without being too literal.

NFL Breast Cancer Awareness Branding LogoThis incorporation of breast cancer pink in the NFL also crosses gender conventions. Breast cancer has always been associated, for the most part, with women. The campaign with a male dominated sport donning the pink color has successfully spread awareness across gender lines.

The NFL will be adorned in pink for the rest of the month of October. Games from Oct. 5-27 will be designated as NFL Breast Cancer Awareness games. The pink campaign even includes pink coins for the coin toss, pink official’s whistles and pink padded goal posts in the end zones. All pink equipment will be auctioned off in the NFL auction and proceeds will be sent to the American Cancer Society along with other cancer related charities.

According to the American Cancer Society, breast cancer is expected to affect almost 200,000 women this year. The NFL is just one of many professional sport campaigns creating a buzz for the cause. While the NFL’s Crucial Catch campaign is the largest of its kind, the WNBA and Arena Football League are just a few more leagues involved in their own campaigns.

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