Brilliant Logo Designs
One of the biggest challenges that graphic designers face while designing a logo is to incorporate more than just typography and illustration into their designs. A successful logo design should be a simple and identifiable design that communicates the core meaning of the company to its customers.
A common technique often used in logo designing is creating a hidden message within the design. Logos are not always what they seem at first glance. If closely examined, some logos can hold much more information about the brand than originally expected. A successful logo should reinforce a brand while trying to be unique and identifiable. Look carefully at the familiar logos below and see if you can find the hidden message(s) within them:


The FedEx logo design is probably one of the best-known logos that contain a hidden message. If you look closely, there is an arrow formed in the negative space between the “e” and the “x”. This arrow is commonly thought to symbolize speed, direction, precision and reliability. There is also a spoon in the negative space of the first “e” which symbolized hospitality. These concepts are some of the major focus points of this amazing courier service.

Spartan Golf Club

The Spartan golf club logo, created by graphic designer Richard Fonteneau, reveals two different images in one symbol. At first glance, you may see a golfer at the top of his swing, but this image is also the silhouette of a Spartan warrior.


Commonly found on the shelves of grocery stores, Toblerone makes delicious chocolate in Bern, Switzerland. The obvious tribute to its history is the image of Matterhorn Mountain, a part of the Swiss Alps, above the typography. If you look closely to the negative space within the mountain, there is the silhouette of a bear, representing Bern, or, “The City of Bears”.


The Amazon logo design effectively uses the yellow swoosh to highlight the philosophy behind the brand. The yellow swoosh connects the letters “a” and “z”, representing that the store has everything from A to Z. It also creates a smile because strives to have the best customer satisfaction.

Baskin Robbins

The “B” and “R” in the new Baskin Robbins logo design is colored both blue and pink. If you look closely to the pink graphic created by the initials, they form the number 31. This represents the 31 flavors of ice cream that Baskin Robbins is known for.

Sony Vaio

The Sony Vaio is a well-known brand of laptops. The appealing smooth font that Vaio is written in, however, has more significance than just looking nice. In the logo design, the “V” and “A” represent the shape of the analogue signal. The “I” and “O” can be interpreted as the numbers 1 and 0, which represents the digital signal.

It is clear to see that designing a successful logo takes a lot of thought and an impactful concept. Graphic Designers strive to find the right balance of typography and illustration in logo design. The combination can make or break a logo. However, I think we can all agree, that when the right balance is found, the outcome can be so rewarding.