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Selling a wide variety of products and accessories.


This website effectively targets new and existing users with product information as well as a robust support area. Users can download spec sheets, product manuals, tech notes, and software updates. Product owners can view training videos or purchase accessories via the online store. The search tool provides paginated results first, with downloadable documents underneath. The responsive site design fluidly adjusts for any screen size.

Comrex designs and sells radio and video broadcast equipment that transport high quality media into the studio from virtually anywhere, economically, at a moment’s notice. From the introduction of the Frequency Extender, to ISDN codecs in the early 1990s and POTS codecs in the mid-1990s, Comrex has been a technology leader for decades. They now have a complete line-up of digital hybrids, putting customers in control of their talk shows and call-ins with excellent sound.

We built a robust menu for showcasing the products

Building complex navigation is extra challenging because it needs to be able to update dynamically when new pages are added to the site. The new Mega-nav allows Comrex to list products by category, which helps the customer to quickly find what they need.

On-page navigation help keep tall pages organized

This design allows products to have different content blocks, with varying amounts of content. The sticky on-page navigation builds itself dynamically as new areas are added to the page. These product pages offer document downloads, specs, and links to accessories that can be purchased online.

E-commerce website design

WooCommerce integration

Comrex’s main products can’t be sold online due to reseller agreements, but the addition of an accessories store not only alleviates the manual labor of receiving orders, but is also a profitable addition to the website.

The Results

The addition of the e-commerce store paid for itself very quickly. Comrex’s site is an effective marketing tool, support service, and profit generator.


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