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Carterra offers a single product with a longer sales lead time, so the website redesign needed a resource area with lead-capture capability for marketing purposes. We also added a store built in WooCommerce to sell consumables and other supporting items. The home page offers four initial content funnels that lead to different application areas. The applications pages dynamically pull in related resource content which in turn, generates leads. We created a custom theme on the WordPress platform.

Carterra® Inc. develops highly parallel microfluidic devices for drug discovery and life science research applications. Their technology uses a network of microchannels that uniquely enable flow-based array printing of proteins and antibodies on sensor surfaces. Carterra delivers high-resolution data for critical biotherapeutics applications at throughputs 10 – 100 times faster than existing platforms, compressing months of work into days.

Sales and marketing documents

Documents can be categorized by resource type or application area. They can be pulled onto other pages of the site, and gated for lead capture.

Purchase supplies and consumables

The online store is accessible only to logged-in customers with accounts that are moderated by Carterra. Their main product isn’t available online, but the new store makes it easy for customers to purchase consumables. Bulk discounts are automatically applied and multiple payment options are available to the customer.

The Results

We increased daily traffic by 25% with a custom experience tailored to the right target audiences.


Awards & Recognition

  • Best CSS – Website Award
  • CSS Light – Website Award
  • Design Nominee – Website Award
  • GD USA – Website Award

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