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Built for creators to control their content and income level.


Clients can design their run of show, distribute to a global audience, and monetize with our built-in robust ticketing features. Each creator site that mirrors their brand and serves as a distribution and promotion center, while also controlling ticketing data and revenue. Available world-wide. Customers include film projects, music concerts, corporate events, sporting events, and high profile content creators.

The Metropolis team quickly and professionally took us through their process to help refine and solidify our target messaging and look and feel. I can’t emphasize enough how important that step was as it ensured messaging continuity and saved us countless revisions trying this and that. The following design and prototyping process went quickly and effectively as the Metropolis designers quickly zeroed in on what we were looking for.
David Hofert VP Business and Client Operations

Engaging Content

From the very start of the project, we knew the experience of this site had to feel modern, engaging and present the content in a way that captivated the user. We added subtle effects to the content to yield a satisfying experience.

Creator Stories Archive

In addition to emphasizing the platform’s core features to engage the user, we also needed to strongly emphasize the creator stories, an archive of first-hand success stories by different creator types using the In.Live platform.

Creator Microsites

Each creator on the In.Live platform can create a microsite to help promote their special event or digital channel. After we launched the main site, we designed layouts for several microsites adhering to each creator’s unique visual brand.

Every website design starts with a set of wireframes to help us better understand what content is needed on each page. A good page design should tell a story in the right order. Size and position help set the hierarchy of how the content will be consumed. The bulk of the site’s structure happens in these blueprints before we move on to the color design mockups.

The Results

The new website for In.Live has an attractive aesthetic that presents its platform and features in an organized and engaging manner, making it easier for new creators to navigate and attract them to the site. The site was custom-built on WordPress and uses the Gutenberg editor – a content management tool that makes it easy for clients with little experience to edit the site.


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