Force yourself to design each and every page with one and only one primary objective.
Seth Godin

That’s right! At a quick glance, your website visitors should know what you are selling (or service you’re providing) and take action. A call to action (CTA) is a simple and clear step to tell your web guests what they can expect and what you want them to do.

Done right, CTA’s work 24/7 and deliver leads. Every visit to your website could be a lead. Without well positioned, consistent, specific and engaging CTAs, your website could be turning away business.

Does your website have at least one call to action? If so, look to see if these points are addressed:

Why Now

Have a compelling and maybe even time sensitive reason for visitors to do more then just look at your site. Have them take action (try, buy, sign up, download, etc).


Create a ‘clear and visible’ CTA. Make sure it’s not hidden behind other information that perhaps only you or your internal staff find important (a common mistake).


Place your CTA on every page. If visitors are not convinced on the first page and are looking for more educational content, flow them to next page but keep a CTA available on all pages. This way, visitors can click when something does tickle them pink.


Use consistent color on the CTA’s so that visitors identify and recognize the CTA like a stop sign on every page.

Be Specific

Tailor your CTA’s to your audience’s interest. Always consider your target audience’s interests, buzz words and pain points.

Get Engaged

Use wordage that is very engaging. Action words like Try, Hear, Join, Start are short, to the point and inviting. Phrases like Click here to learn more or Contact us for more information seem long winded and very yesterday.

Examples of CTA’s that tickle me and surely stimulate business:

Call to action buttonStrong and powerful. The white lettering and slight bevel with a shadow pops out from the rest of page.

Call to action button3D-look gives the viewer the impression that they should be depressed.

Call to action buttonStraight forward and simple black and white. Then suddenly a vibrant green attention grabber.

Call to action buttonThe sign up stands out as a result of nice breathing space and unique illustration. A fun approach.

Call to action buttonA ‘web 2.0 badge’ in the very center of the page that surely says click now. My favorite.

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PS. So what’s the most or least compelling CTA you’ve seen? Do share.