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Project Services

  • Information Architecture
  • UI/UX
  • Design & Development
  • WordPress

Awards & Recognition

A high-tech website for safety & security/life sciences markets.


908 Devices’ site has grown and changed over the years with Metropolis. We created all of the illustrations and custom icons in addition to shooting custom photography. Everything in the new website design is content managed via WordPress.

They bring the powerful capabilities of Mass Spectrometry in, and out of the confines of centralized facilities and mobile laboratories. In addition to lab-based devices, they make battery-operated, handheld, chemical detection tools, rugged enough to exceed military standards and trusted enough for immediate action in the field.

I've launched four or five sites in my career, and this is the first time I've shared it with my team and they were just in Awe.
Chris Mitchell Digital Marketing Manager, 908 Devices

Custom Menus Help Speed Up Navigating the Site

Larger menus offer more options all at once, which lets customers navigate faster and more accurately. The addition of imagery and additional copy helps to enhance the brand messaging.

Dynamic Resource Hub With Gated Content

Any content can be gated for lead capture, and forms integrate with Pardot, the client’s CRM. Category filters and a localized search tool allows customers to quickly sort by product or market. All resources can be pulled into other relevant areas on the site such as product and application pages.

Technical Diagrams With Specific Messages

Designing a technical diagram requires collaboration between the engineer and the marketer. They need to quickly explain a concept without divulging intellectual property. The designer’s job is to simplify the concept for rapid understanding of the diagram and to keep it all on-brand.

Cohesive Print Design

908 Devices asked us to redesign their marketing deliverables to feel more cohesive with the newly designed website. The challenge was developing a color system for visually identifying each company sector: Corporate, Life Science, and Forensics, and creating a series of template designs that the client could reuse internally.

Social Media Designs

In addition to the print materials, we also revised the social media posts for each sector which included a variety of templates, including content announcements, product announcements, customer quotes, tradeshow events, and webinar invites. We created several layout options for each template to avoid feeling redundant on people’s social feeds.

The Results

908 Devices has a flexible, content-managed website that has evolved from zero to many products. We have been able to modify and sometimes redesign page layouts, menu options, and CRM integrations to keep the client’s messaging current and on-brand over the years.


Awards & Recognition

  • Awwwards – Nominee
  • Communicator Award – Excellence
  • CSS Design Awards – Best UI Design
  • CSS Design Awards – Best UX Design
  • CSS Design Awards – Best Innovation
  • CSS Winner – Design Nominee
  • Davey Awards – Award Winner
  • Design Nominee – Design Nominee
  • Muse Creative Awards – Gold Winner
  • Orpetron Web Design Awards – Web Design Appreciation

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