Life sciences and technology website design for Alpaqua
Custom designed interactive search tool for WordPress
E-commerce design for life sciences and technology website using WooCommerce
Custom Ecommerce design for life sciences and technology web site
Custom document resource center design in WordPress CMS

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  • Design & Development
  • WordPress

Awards & Recognition

Innovative magnetic devices and accessories.


Alpaqua’s redesign focused around an intuitive plate finder interface to help users find the right product for their needs. It lets users filter by specs and returns all matching results. Products are purchasable through a WooCommerce implementation that includes bulk pricing discounts and FedEx shipping integration. There is also an interactive resource center that can be gated for lead capture down the road. The site is responsive to optimize user experience at all screen sizes.

Alpaqua Engineering, LLC, founded in 2006, is a global provider of tools for accelerating genomic applications such as NGS, nucleic acid extraction and clean up, exome capture, and molecular diagnostics. They offer a diverse line of 24-, 48-, 96- and 384-well magnet plates engineered for a wide range of uses from multi-purpose to specialty applications, from low throughput discovery to high throughput uber-users.

Interactive product search tool UI design

Custom Faceted Search Tool

Alpaqua’s magnet plates all look similar, but they are unique in specs and application. We created a multi-faceted search tool that allows customers to find the products they need based on those specs, improving customer satisfaction by making sure they get the right product delivered every time.

E-commerce website design

Online Store in WooCommerce

The online store has product category filters. The system calculates volume discounts, and products can be added to a cart, or sent to Alpaqua for a quote request.

The WooCommerce implementation includes automated bulk pricing discounts, real-time FedEx shipping rates, and multiple payment options to enhance the customer experience and simplify the process for our client.

Product Resources Are Easy to Find

Resources are created in the back end of WordPress and assigned to individual products, allowing customers to quickly and easily find what they’re looking for. Videos and PDFs are embedded directly on the web page to avoid an unnecessary download or a customer leaving the site prematurely.

The Results

Increased usability of the new website design will lead Alpaqua’s customers to the products they need faster, and more accurately.


Awards & Recognition

  • Communicator Award – Excellence
  • Best CSS Awards – Website Nominee
  • Design Nominee – Website Award
  • GD USA – Website Award

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