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Awards & Recognition

A life sciences solution for scalable single-cell analysis.


Fluent BioSciences’ technology enables powerful single-cell analysis in every laboratory without the use of complex instrumentation, so you can focus on advancing your research instead of managing expensive technology.  Their Single Cell RNA products for 3’ gene expression offer flexible, cost-effective, and complete workflow solutions from cell capture through data analysis that is perfect for studies across cancer, immunology, neuroscience, and infectious disease.

Flexible Product Layouts

These product layout designs are flexible to allow for different amounts of content. New products can easily be added by the client, with a variety of layout options.

Custom Icons & Illustrations

Icons help draw attention to content areas and help to visually identify different content types. Metropolis created custom icons and illustrations throughout the site.

About the Team

Metropolis made it easy for Fluent Biosciences to add new team members under different leadership levels. Each team member has a headshot and bio pop-up display when clicked.

The Results

Fluent BioSciences has a responsive website design that can grow with the company. New products and team members are easy to add in the WordPress back end.


Awards & Recognition

  • Davey Awards – Award Winner
  • Graphic Design USA – American Graphic Design Award

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