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Encrypted document collaboration and email for business.


This website design leverages PreVeil’s existing brand guidelines with bold design details such as background textures and section dividers. Metropolis coordinated with PreVeil’s software developers to offer a download page that auto-detects the user’s OS and serves up a link to the appropriate download. A robust resource center allows PreVeil to continue adding content and can gate it to capture leads.

The security architecture of email and file sharing systems is fundamentally flawed. Despite the industry’s best efforts, these systems remain vulnerable to phishing, spoofing and password attacks and are routinely compromised by attacks on administrators and servers. PreVeil addresses these vulnerabilities using end-to-end encryption, which means that the information is only ever encrypted and decrypted on a user’s device – never on the server. Data cannot be accessed via stolen passwords nor by using a compromised administrator’s credentials.


Sortable content with lead-capture capability

Content can found via a keyword search, or can be filtered by category. New categories automatically appear as options once created in the back-end. Any content can be gated with a lead-capture form if they wish.

Custom wordpress website design and development

Content-managed in WordPress

We designed flexible layouts that PreVeil can easily edit or add to. Forms are also easy to edit with Gravity Forms. Custom fields were built to allow us to design the pages in a unique way, while letting the client maintain the site themselves.

The Results

PreVeil has increased online marketing efforts, driving lead sources to custom landing pages. We have designed a few landing page templates that they can duplicate and modify on their own.


Awards & Recognition

  • Best CSS – Website Award
  • Communicator Awards – Award of Excellence
  • CSS Light – Website Award
  • Davey Awards – Silver Awards
  • Design Nominee – Website Award
  • GD USA – Website Award

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