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How to market a new drug online


As a young company in the crowded pharma and oncology space, SynDevRx needed to find a way to quickly define their value offering. Metropolis helped them achieve that with a fresh design, custom diagrams, and clear copywriting from The Hired Pens. The new website design is fully content-managed in WordPress and responsive for any screen size.

Metabo-oncology — which focuses on the link between cancer and metabolic dysfunction — is poised to spark a paradigm shift in cancer treatment. SynDevRx is the leader in this emerging field. Their lead compound, SDX-7320 is a methionine aminopeptidase type II (MetAP2) inhibitor that proposes to both treat the tumor directly and correct the underlying metabolic dysfunction — sort of a one-two punch to cancer.

An interactive solution that highlights different treatments

Instead of showing a list of the different types of cancer this drug treats, an interactive diagram was used to convey a lot of information in a small space. The dots on the diagram can be repositioned in the back-end via simple coordinates — the whole tool is content-managed!

We made existing diagrams match the site

Some diagrams were completely redesigned and rebuilt to match the new website design. Others had minor changes like fonts and colors. Others still were just applied a matchign color wash. We worked with the client to choose the best and most cost-effective approach for each image.

The Results

It’s challenging to market a new drug. SynDevRx’s new website presents their product as a strong contender for cancer treatment, with active trials ongoing.


Awards & Recognition

  • Best CSS – Website Award
  • CSS Light – Website Award

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