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Cambridge Sound Management


"Our resellers are asking for more specific marketing tools for their vertical markets."

Cambridge Sound Management's Qt Quiet technology™ sound masking systems are the solution to speech privacy and distraction issues.  Since CSM's sound masking technology is utilized in a variety of markets, such as corporate, healthcare,  and government, sales representatives need targeted sales collateral for each specific vertical, highlighting regulations and specific applications within each vertical market.

Cambridge Sound Management Discovery Phase QT Quiet Technology


  • Rebrand CSM with a new more sophisticated look and feel
  • Help sales team target specific vertical markets
  • Create a template that could be used for future marketing efforts targeting other vertical markets.
  • Improve illustrations for clarity and consistency


Target Audience

Two sets of brochures were created.  The first,  a sales guide for the field representatives educating them on new industry trends.  The second, a  "leave behind" piece  for the consumer, highlighting features and benefits of Qt Quiet Technology.

Message & Content

It is really important that each brochure contain specific imagery and diagrams that accurately represent the vertical market being targeted.

Client's Creative Direction

CSM really wanted an overall clean design with simple diagrams to help facilitate audience comprehension. Consistent, recognizable icons would add to the brand identity as well as the readability and the use of colors would help to differentiate verticals.


Its all about healthcare

Metropolis Creative created a Healthcare End User Guide to use when marketing Cambridge Sound Management's product line to hospitals. The guide needed to be clean and professional. Its main objective was to outline the benefits of using sound masking technology in a hospital for the employees and patients. We created new icons to demonstrate the specific target area and kept everything in the layout crisp and simple. The use of blue and white makes this brochure look very modern and allows us to co-brand any other healthcare pieces they may need in the future.

Specifications & Requirements

  • 4-color, 12 page brochure
  • Various info graphics, charts & diagrams
  • 3D illustrationsl of hospital/pharmacy floor layouts
  • Cambridge Sound Management Brochure Design Cover Design
  • Cambridge Sound Management Brochure Design Inside Spread Design
  • Cambridge Sound Management Brochure Design Inside Spread Design
  • Cambridge Sound Management Brochure Design Inside Spread Design
  • Cambridge Sound Management Brochure Design Inside Spread Design


Quality work, photography, and illustration

The functionality of the Qt Quiet Technology system was illustrated in a variety of ways.  Using Google Sketchup, we started with a 3-D illustration of a hospital wing.  We then added a sound masking installation grid along with a key  that referenced key points.  Photos were carefully chosen and additional charts and illustrations were created to further explain Qt Quiet technology benefits.


  • 3-D Illustration
  • Illustrations and Icons
  • Custom photography
  • Templated Approach
3-D Illustration Floor Plan  for Cambridge Sound Management Brochure Design

3-D Illustration

The illustration was generated and then overlaid with a grid depicting the layout of the system.

Custom Icons and Illustrations for Cambridge Sound Management Brochure Design

Illustrations and Icons

We designed a set of custom icons that matched the clean corporate tone of the brochure.

Custom Photography for Cambridge Sound Management Brochure Design

Custom photography

Images were carefully chosen that relate to the target market.

Templated approach for Cambridge Sound Management Brochure Design

Templated Approach

Imagery, icons, and illustrations can be swapped or modified for future vertical markets.


Sales are up

Sales are up

Because of this carefully targeted brochure, CSM has seen an increase in healthcare market sales. With both the "how to" sales guide and end user piece, sales representatives are now educated and armed with current and relevant information that speaks to their specific audience.


  • Salespeople have a highly targeted brochure for the healthcare vertical market
  • Brand perception is much higher
  • Sales are easier to explain with the detailed diagrams
  • This brochure will serve as a template for future verticals

These brochures are flying off the shelves

Once the sales team got wind of this new brochure design, demand was hard to keep up with. Resellers are requesting these brochures as well. CSM has plans to make brochures for 4-5 more vertical markets.

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