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Website Case Study

Riverside Community Care


"We're in your back yard, and we're also in everyone's back yard."

Riverside is the largest mental health servicing agency in Massachusetts, but remains largely invisible to those who haven't used them before. One big goal was to clearly explain their variety of their services. Riverside wanted to emphasize the fact that they can offer very personalized services to clients "right in their back yards". They wanted to be approachable for their potential clients as well as attract other social services professionals in their career search.

Discovery Phase for Riverside Community Care


  • Simplify messaging to be more user-friendly
  • Accessible for new patients
  • Clean and persuasive for donors
  • Highlight locations — we're near you
  • Attract mental health professionals
  • Ask for donations


Target Audiences

Individuals seeking service, referring agencies (hospitals or insurance), adults (~70%) and children (~30%), communities, physician practices, government agencies or systems of care,  job seekers, donors.

Messaging & Content

Riverside is known for their high quality programs and services in many communities. This is beneficial to both potential clients as well as job seekers. Riverside Community Care is stable and growing, and they wanted to use client testimonials where possible.

Client's Creative Direction

The client had very few design restrictions. The new site needed to use Riverside's blue, and they wanted us to use their "wave" somehow. We did that on the home page, but kept the other pages clean and easy to read. Really, the biggest goals were to just get everything more readable and easier to maintain on the back end.


"We wrap services around a family."

The home page of any website quickly sets the brand feeling with a first impression. Riverside's message needed to be warm and welcoming. Initial wireframes were used to explore different content hierarchies.  A main selection tool allows users to choose the service most important to them. Consistent and intentional use of color identifies links and areas of importance throughout the site. The site also uses testimonials as a way to further support their brand messaging.

Specifications & Requirements

  • Large images are welcoming and attractive
  • Simple, bold headlines drive messaging home
  • Donation button is prominent on every page
  • All content is easily editable by Riverside staff
  • Intentional and consistent use of color
  • Riverside Community Care Website Design Homepage
  • Riverside Community Care Website Design Services
  • Riverside Community Care Website Design About
  • Riverside Community Care Website Design About


Determining the best solution to showcase 50 locations with 100+ offices was a challenge.

Visitors to the website can easily select the service they are looking for and then view available locations for that service. Location information is provided via a custom Google Maps integration alongside location-specific contact information. The Google Maps integration even includes the ability to generate and print driving directions right from the services page.


  • Content Management System
  • Google Map Integration
  • Search Engine Optimization for Riverside Community Care
  • News Feed Integration
Content Management System for Riverside Community Care

Content Management System

Built on the WordPress CMS, all content and imagery are easily modifiable by Riverside.

Google Map Integration for Riverside Community Care

Google Map Integration

The location search tool returns Google Maps with customized contact information.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization for Riverside Community Care

An SEO management system allows keywords to be inserted via page titles, URLs, description tags, and behind images.

News Feed Integration for Riverside Community Care

News Feed Integration

Once an article has been entered, it automatically appears on the News page, the home page, and appears in their RSS feed.


Overall Brand Improvement

Overall Brand Improvement

The new website is easy to navigate and explains a very complicated set of programs in an easy and straight forward manner. It has even received positive feedback from competitors.

Increased Site Visits & Location Calls

Increased Site Visits & Location Calls

In the three months since the site went live the unique visits climbed from 6,500 to over 8,000 and they continue to trend upward. Also, locations are starting to report that clients are now mentioning they "found us on the web".

More Time Spent on the Site

More Time Spent on the Site

Visitors spend 2-3 minutes on the site and tend to exit mostly through the location page or career portal. This translates to that they either found the phone number to call or want to apply for a job, which both are great for the company.


  • Improved Traffic
  • Overall brand image improvement
  • More time spent on the site
  • Locations are getting more calls

Our team is impressed with the results!

"I've been testing our SEO on google and we're starting to get results on page 1! This definitely was not happening before." - Marjorie McDaniel

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